August 2005

A major update to the March 20th & 21st 1995 session page.
A minor update to the June 22nd 1994 session page.

Updated material is written in red.

11th February 2004

Well believe it or not it's been ten years today since George, Paul and Ringo began work on FREE AS A BIRD (and forty years today since they played their first US concert). The site has finally been updated to reflect the wealth of material found on the special features disc in the Anthology DVD box set (if you haven't bought it yet you should be ashamed of yourself). New updates are written in red and the following pages have been updated:

February 11th 1994 session
June 23rd 1994 session
March 31st 1995 session

Most of the changes are only small, although several new images have been added. And a special "hello" to the numerous people who have emailed us over the years claiming there was no Friar Park jam session and we were making it all up.

In addition, the mixing and editing sessions for LET IT BE... NAKED have also been hurridly updated (there's probably a few errors on those few pages, sorry).

5th April 2003

We've had a few queries about when the site will be updated to include the wealth of Anthology bonus material. For the meantime we'll leave the site as it was before this DVD hit the shelves (just how accurate were we?). If you want to know what's on the bonus disc, go and buy it. You won't be disappointed, it's an extremely enjoyable package. Any thoughts, comments etc can be posted on the MESSAGE BOARD.

September 2000

Details of the Liverpool Sound Collage album added in the form of a new entry dated August 2000.

15th June 2000

Details of the Anthology mixing sessions conducted at Abbey Road have now been split into two sections: the Early 1995 through to 1996 entry and the March 31st 1995 entry. Substantial new material has been added to both pages, including a few pictures such as another image of George, Paul and Ringo at Abbey Road.

As always, new material and feedback welcome.