17 November, 2003

LP release: Let It Be... Naked

Parlophone/Apple (double CD/Vinyl)/1: 'Get Back'; 'Dig A Pony'; 'For You Blue'; 'The Long And Winding Road'; 'Two Of Us'; 'I've Got A Feeling'; 'One After 909'; 'Don't Let Me Down'; 'I Me Mine'; 'Across The Universe'; 'Let It Be'; 2: 'Fly On The Wall'

Let It Be... Naked

Ringo Starr: "t's the de-Spectorized version. Same tracks, same people. I was listening to it recently, and it was really great. I've been away from it a long time too. It fills my heart with joy to hear that band that I was a member of. They were just great. And also, the quietness of the tracks: It's a beautiful CD. Paul was always totally opposed to Phil. I told him on the phone, 'You're bloody right again: It sounds great without Phil.' Which it does. Now we'll have to put up with him telling us over and over again, 'I told you.'"

Paul Hicks: "From the people who've heard it, one comment came that was one of our main initial aims on it - which was everyone says `I can really hear everything, there's so much clarity'. And that was one of our goals; when we were going through the tracks and listening there were so many elements. Like there's some amazing playing from Billy Preston, some of his electric piano work is great and so we were just aiming to hear Billy more clearly and you can hear John's guitar and you can hear George's guitar. We were just trying to create some space, so you can hear it all. So that compared to the version that was previously released, you could say that in a lot of ways this version is dryer. As in not so much reverb, it's a lot tighter. That's what we wanted to do."

the first Beatles LP to include the terms NAKED and VINYL
The vinyl edition

Sources include: Washington Post Sunday 24 November 24 Page Y06

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