Abbey Road Studios? (probably Studio Two/Penthouse Mixing Suite). Mixing/Editing (precise mixing details unknown) : 'Fly On The Wall'
P: Kein Howlett (original sessions produced by The Beatles and George Martin). E: Brian Thompson

LET IT BE... NAKED came packaged with a 22-minute companion “fly-on-the-wall” dialog/music disc put together by the BBC's Kevin Howlett and engineer Brian Thompson, probably in 2002. Howlett listened to more than 80 hours of tapes, recorded in mono by the film crew during both the Twickenham and Apple sessions, discovering a number of previously unreleased Lennon/McCartney tunes (which are included on the disc), as well as some other surprises. The Fly On The Wall collage was presented on the album as a single track.

Kevin Howlett: "I had expected to hear the kind of disagreements and arguing we've all heard about. Instead, I heard the bandmembers actually having a good time. By the end, they were, in fact, quite excited about what they were doing.”

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Sources include: Mix : The Naked Truth About The Beatles Let It Be…Naked

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