In early 2001 this site was shut down by the old host server (not the current host) apparently, according to them, due to "copyright violation".

Requests from the webmaster to ascertain the details of these copyright concerns were refused. Nobody had contacted the webmaster of this site directly to complain about any copyright concerns previously, despite the site being active for almost two years prior to this.

So let's get this clear now:

1. This is a NON PROFIT FAN SITE. The material here was collected by, and is intended for the PERSONAL enjoyment of, admirers and researchers of The Beatles and their recording studio work.

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4. The only advertisements and banners on this site are placed by the companies kindly providing the server space. They are in no way responsible for any of the other content of this site.

5. This site DOES NOT contain links to any Beatles music, either officially or unofficially released. Nor does it contain links to any pirate or bootleg record companies that may deal in their recordings.

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